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    Death Note-

    Living with so many regrets…
    Feeling the dark blood running through my body,
    thinking how can I live with these thoughts everyday.
    Seeing how these Demons devour me slowly…
    Growing in fear, afraid of meeting them again tonight…
    I shall make my heart stop beating before that happens…

    Don’t know what to do anymore,
    holding that knife every night…
    Just 9 cats keeping me alive, worrying about them constantly,
    afraid of how their lives will be without me, maybe I’m being selfish…
    Living with a broken family, no friends, no love, no hopes…
    Only Hate, Regrets and Depression exist here.

    What’s the point of living this way,
    I’m practically dead already…
    Regret should be the most dangerous poison,
    Seeing how is almost impossible to remove it.

    These Demons that don’t let me sleep at night,
    whispering me every night that I should be dead,
    telling me how useless and pathetic I am, I truly am indeed.

    I’m very sorry, for not living up to your expectations…
    Mom, I’m very sorry for not following your religious beliefs,
    Making me a son of the devil afterwards…
    World, I’m sorry for existing, but I didn’t get the choice.
    I didn’t choose to be born,
    I didn’t ask anyone for their pity,
    I didn’t ask you for help neither whoever is reading this…

    Resentful? I am indeed, very…
    How people treated me as a non-existant being
    How I was ignored for not having money like other people did
    Mom, I resent you for your stupid decisions,
    Why didn’t you think about my feelings?
    Why did you ignore me when I needed you?
    Sister, I resent you for mistreating me
    For using me as a toy for showing off to your friends,
    After you had fun with me, you discarded me…
    Edelio, I hate you for everything you’ve done to me,
    For leaving me alone when I needed you and being so cold towards me,
    For hurting me with every chance you got…

    Don’t know how many times I’ve prayed and wished for you to die,
    and stop making this poor family even more poor,
    For you to get hit by a car and feel pain, enough to be compared to mine…

    If I can come as a Ghost, I’ll haunt you as long as you live,
    until your death is pronounced and your body turn into ashes.

    I’ll be going first, hopefully you die next.
    ~Esta Vida No Vale La Pena~
    A bloody river going off the bed, mom, tell me if you like how I look now…

    I felt a momentary happiness while being on this website, grateful of being useful for once in my life.

    Mood : Peaceful