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    Gigobyte posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 2.5 years now but thing seem to be going ana roolercoaster this last year. We have arguments frequently and itsbat the point now where while yes we both love each other most of our day to day life we don’t seem to like each other. Neither of us can imagine life without the other so we don’t want to break it off but its getting tough. I feel like I need to change to act like how I used to butbi doubt even remember that about myself anymore

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    • just have to find yourself again mate. :) thats all.

    • Need to have an honest look at what you are contributing to the issues. And she does as well. You have to talk this out, and in the talking I think your way will become clear. But each focus on what you are contributing, not what the other is contributing. Conflict resolution starts when we own our own contribution. Good luck

    • I would be as open and honest with each other as you can @tigerrajah, work through any problems in your relationship and do your best to make things stronger as each day passes, I’m sure things will work out and get back on track, stay positive and never give up, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent :) (hugs)

    • Sorry you’re going through a rough point in your relationship. It’s clear that you love each other even though neither of you are altogether happy right now. People can burn out on one another after time. Everyone needs space and alone time, eventually. Maybe encourage her to do something fun, just for herself and you do the same. Whatever interests you, try it. Whether it’s a hobby, sport, volunteering or going out with friends, I’ve learned that doing things to make yourself happy helps you learn about how you really feel about the person you’re with.