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    Theunwantedgirl posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    why do I even try and explain what going on when no one fucking cares anyways. No one understands when I try to express my feeling and whats acting going on for me. its my fault for trying

    Mood : Angry
    • i care

    • I care, too, and I get your point. But it’s not your fault for trying. We try for as long as we have hope – hope that things will change. And they will, even if it’s in a way we wouldn’t expect. What I know, is that you are going to encounter people who care and unfortunately, people who won’t. You will find people who understand and some that won’t. The good thing is, you got lots of people out there in this world, and for everyone that does not care, you will meet ten that do. Take it easy, alright? I’m right here if you ever need anything.

    • hey listen, I am here because i WANT to understand, i wont ignore you, i wont deny you of your need to talk. i want you to please talk to me whenever you need to talk. even if i dont respond right away i WILL respond

    • Thank you.