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Ello there! Im Novell Im male, 19, and live in NC ^_^ (Pronounced No-Veh-L no im not a book c:) thanks for dropping by! So of course you want to know what im all about, the things i like, and just general things i care for period! Well lets see..Im stereotypical in one sense meaning i like video games (No way!) but besides that i have many other things i enjoy! Such as editing, Lets playing, Tinkering around with comps and much more! As far as a few goals i have im very much aiming to get my real estate license and after then probably pracitce a bit more 3D animation/Vfx. Interms of what type of person i how do i put this..I can be quite the joker as well as the serious type! Im a optimist as well as a pessimist but over all a realist c: I can keep my head in the clouds while my feet are still on the ground! Humor is def a plus with me i will have you in tears most of the time : D or atleast ill try to! cx And lastly one little thing i like to dabble is Astrology! its not important but its fun to look at some times ^_^ im a very firm believer of making your own path anyway regardless of what may come c:



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Abuse, Depression, Eating Disorders, General, Health & Fitness, Phobias, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Social Anxiety

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