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    Novell posted an update 8 years, 9 months ago

    You know. I wont lie. Its been awhile but i really do miss having someone to call my own,be silly with,laugh with,be gushy with,have deep night talks with, what ever really. And me being the type that has done both long distance and close doesnt help with my ideas of ”finding someone” You dont ”need” someone to make you happy. But it is nice to have someone you truly care about. Plus i mean i love the thought of making someone happy. And being a reason to smile on day. And vice versa. I have my friends yes. But i guess..im just lonely in the emotional sense. And it would be nice to have a girl i can call my own and i hers someday again. I just wish i knew when that would be. Or you know not have such shit luck at finding someone xD I know this isint really the place for this type of status but i mean..i can still be a venter on my profile right?

    Mood : Lonely
    • Oh i feel like that too, except that unlike you, i havent had anyone, well i have my friends here and on other sites, but well, they are far away and its not the same.

      And well, theres no problem if you vent here, but well, just bear in mind that not everyone here are nice and tolerant.

    • I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body! lololol yohoho

    • Yeah that i expected. Although so far everyone here has been pretty nice. Its a nice change of pace from the other sites im normally on. But even then ill be fine. I mean i use tumblr. Pfffy i can handle anything xD

    • i..wait..My mind just couldn’t comprehend xD

    • Yus indeed. Somedays its just rough you know xD