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    Katherine posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    Uh this guy that is 8 years older than me wants to meet me in real life..I meet him over online and idk what to do. He is 23 and Im 15..

    • My advice, is however nice of a guy he is, stay away.
      If really do want to meet him, I suggest you wait for three years, and ask him to wait too.
      If he agrees to your conditions, he’s worth something.
      If he doesn’t , you know where the trash can is.

    • you might get catfished i advise you against that

    • A 23 year old meeting a minor is not appropriate. By law, you are still a child and under age – he should also know that. I’m not really sure what business a 23 year old adult has with a child. I agree with these guys. If you were to meet him, be very careful.

    • Don’t go @teamtennantgirl, don’t meet this person Katherine, I would advise you not to do it, do stay safe and look after yourself Katherine.

    • I suggest you don’t do it. It’s really dangerous, because first of all he’s a lot older and a lot stronger than you. If you do consider going, since it’s your own life and you can make your own choices, I suggest that you take a friend with you. But not another girl, a boy, perhaps your brother if you have one of one of your best friends brothers. Also if you’d like to go take a crowded place to do something, like the zoo or a place with cameras. But the other people and I myself strongly suggest you don’t do it.

    • @teamtennantgirl Just in case you still decide to do it despite it being shady as heck: public place, your own transportation, tell people where you are going and arrange safety calls with friends/family at time intervals (don’t let the awkwardness of telling someone about this person keep you from being safe, he might use any secrecy against you), read up about ”grooming” (http://abuseandrelationships.org/Content/Behaviors/grooming.html).

    • @teamtennantgirl

      This raises a LOT of red flags. You are a highly vulnerable target for sexual predators. Do not do this, do not even consider it for another moment.

      Keep yourself safe. Rape is a very real thing.