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    Olivia posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    I hate it when girls in my class talk about me all the time.. I simply don´t have the money to buy expensive quality clothes like they do, I hope they are having a blast

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    • don’t care a shit (excuse the language) about those plastics….

    • @sweetolivia

      School life is very cloistered and removed from the true function of social life outside of those four walls, and therefore school life is notorious for functioning exactly backwards to ”real life”. The self-obsession, the narcissism, the inability to focus on any real-world issue beyond base personality clashes, clique bullying, and general fascism. Ask any one of your peers about real social issues like taxes, human rights struggles, or really anything at all that has nothing to do with school life, and they rapidly turn from know-it-all jerks to the stumbling, unsure children that they really are.

      Pull your head out of the fog of the school-world nonsense and think beyond what you’re doing in those classrooms. Make your existence about things bigger than being a pretty girl at that school building, or having a few people like you during the day. Educate yourself about real-world issues to re-focus yourself, and then re-apply that new focus to your school work, and IGNORE the childish nonsense that surrounds you.

    • Please don’t let mean people get you down @sweetolivia, focus on working hard and getting things done, ignore those who are ignorant Olivia and focus on being the sweet and lovely person that you are, you can do it hun, be positive and show everyone your bright smile, I’m always here if you need to talk, message me anytime if you want, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • First of all thank you all for putting so much effort in replying to me. I’ve had some arguments with one of the girls in my class. You will understand how girls can be if you are one yourself. I do anything I can to be succesful in what I do on school. It’s more like I am getting tired of it, it’s not very nice to be around these people. I tried to make them stop by going to my teacher but you don’t want to do that because it only makes things worse. So I rather ignore them like you alld told me to do. I can’t however hide my feelings, if they talk about me, they do it loud enough for me to feel uncomfortable and to be sad about it. I don’t react on them but I do feel down and I think they know that. It’s not just clothes its everything.. makeup, clothes, the boys I like, the time i spend somewhere, the grades I get.. there is always something they will talk about. I like to imagine them being 3 annoying mosquitoes.. You cannot ignore mosquitoes because the sound is too annoying. Eventually it will drive you crazy and you want to get rid of them.

      @BlahModerator Jonathan I really appriciate your feedback but I didn’t get the first part of your message, simply because my English isn’t good enough. It is not my native language.