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    A. posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    I just discovered that there are hidden cameras in my house o.o

    Mood : Afraid
    • Take a picture from the perspective of the camera and place that picture in front of the camera while the lights are turned off, it would seem like there is no activity in the house then place hidden cameras of your own, whoever placed it will have to go back and check on the camera

    • Ohh well if its your house that probably means your parents have put it on but still you gotta check it out cause if its your parents the its ok or the well its not ok.

    • Good heavens. Stick your middle finger up at all of them… then if your asked about sticking your middle finger up , you can have proof to their ass-faces and say ”AH-HA!”!!!

    • JUST MAKING AN EXCLAMATION POINT TO MY LAST COMMENT!! (Love & Light & HUG HUG HUGS from your Blah-Therapy Family here BTW!)