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    Karolina posted an update 9 years, 3 months ago

    I just want to cuddle down in alot of blankets watching a nice movie and eat icecream or nutella..
    Life fucking sucks

    • I am sure you love your life

    • No i hate my life

    • Well at least the first part sounds awesome :D

    • Not when you´re all alone and depressed

    • Although that sounds like a good way to spend the day Remember that no matter what YOU and only YOU control your happiness ,Take a walk outside, listen to your favorite music, run, SCREAM from the top of your lungs and just let out what is bothering you ,I hope that some of those ideas help you .

    • I agree, but both of those things are something that can and will change :d.
      It’s just a matter of time :D

    • Well i´m a total loser and idiot.. So no wonder why im sad

    • No it won´t change

    • NO YOUR NOT , you might feel like that right now but IT WILL CHANGE KAROLINA , I don’t know what you are going thru but you can message me if you like , today I started my day feeling alone and now I have my head held high and a smile on my face , no one changed that but me . Don’t ever talk down on yourself ,You have to care about yourself because no one else will . LOVE YOURSELF your a beautiful woman . Please just take a deep breath and make today a better day I know you can.

    • ^ what she said.
      and bad days come and go, they wont be there all the time ^^
      And it will change, things always change :D

    • Yes i am…
      I´ve been this useless human being for all my life, i can´t change it…

    • OFc it will change, but not for the better… My life only goes downhill until i die

    • Well i bet life have not always been this shitty, so what makes you think it will always go downwards?
      And you say you are useless, how many people at 15-20 have really done anything :b ?

    • Life has acually Always Been shitty..
      …. I mean like in anything.. I don’t even have Any friends

    • Karolina Ive been abused verbally physically emotionally Ive had to bury my 3 kids the one person I truly loved killed himself , and I deal with all of this on a daily basis right now im going thru a very bad relationship and being at work is honestly my only safe place , I have all of this on my shoulders and knowing i have to go home to someone who could be in a bad mood and ruin my day with just the look on there face , i have all of that on my mind but while I’m here at work I will be happy and I will smile and try my best to make the most of my day , Your not the only one who has felt this way . Just try you have too. Sometimes we don’t understand what going on or why or why me or why you , and sometimes we wont get the answer where looking for but here you have 2 people trying to make you see that even though it might seem hopeless it will get better , Just try it go look in the mirror and smile make the silliest face you can and just laugh . It will get better .

    • Im sorry to hear about that..
      But just because you have gone through shit, dosen’t mean i haven’t..
      And i don’t Want to fake a smile… Im not happy, i Will never be happy.

    • Welcome to the club then, i’m 20 and have done nothing in my life yet, i can’t get friends and i have never done anything :b
      And i can somewhat agree with life have always been shitty, but i think it will change at some point ^^

    • And i don’t Want to be in a club.. I Want to do something with My life..

    • I don’t have any friends either ,like at all and I’m not saying you haven’t gone thru anything what im trying to get you to see that your not the only one who is hurting or feeling alone theres days where i don’t even want to leave my room or speak at all . its going to be OK I know you will be weather you feel like it will happen or not I know you will .

    • I know im not alone in what im feeling..
      And it Will be okay The day i die

    • I have thought that as well the day i die being the most freeing from this cruel world but you know what today is not that day , today is the day Karolina that you will see things differently.

    • Or maybe today is the day that life will suck more extra….

    • Or today is the day you relise that a complete stranger is taking time out of there day to make sure that you have a better one, not throwing it in your face but I care, you might not think it, but I do I want you to be happy and I want to help you feel better msg me tell me whats really on your mind .

    • I appreciate it, i really do..
      I just don´t think anyone or anything can help me

    • Trust me, i thought the same way, but somehow i meet someone who was able to help me. So don’t give up on that, cause you never know what or who you will find or meet :D

    • OK just know I requested you as a friend for a reason , Ill be here if you EVER want to talk , You might not feel like you have anyone but you have me OK ?

    • Well, those people who´s helped me, they always leaved me..

    • I appreciate it, but i never write first..

    • well then i will check on you from time to time

    • ok