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    Super Woman posted an update 8 months ago

    I just turned 22 a few days ago… Yet I still look 12.

    Mood : Amused
    • Oli replied 8 months ago

      Hope you had a wonderful birthday filled with happiness and positivity @strideintomyoffice, remember you are beautiful and lovely inside and out Arianna, keep being awesome and smile brightly, feel free to inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • Do not rush to be older. But do aim to be taken more seriously. And the way to do that is to act older.
      . Listen more
      . Do not interrupt people because they have opinions too
      . Finish thinking before talking so when you do all your words are meaningful and clear

      The more you practice the above the more seriously you’ll be taken because you will bring more value to the table.

    • @oliver Thank you. The same goes for you, Oli.

    • @dinoraptor101 Thank you for your advice.