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    Guys and Girls cant be friends proven. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_lh5fR4DMA
    thatkidd Jennifer says:
    ”Notice how all the women said yes and the men said no!! Basically like the interviewer said its a one sided friendship! Girls KNOW the guys would want to hook up she may not allow it, and they may actually be friends but never JUST friends it will never be strictly platonic! There will always either be history or some type of sexual tension or someone has feelings for the other!! Men and women weren’t created to be best friends, I’m not saying they can’t be cordial and friendly with one another, but men and women were created to be sexually attracted to one another. No man on this earth will give you a great amount of attention and not want something more from you, thats just not how men function, sorry ladies!” And for those who deny that girls and guys cant be friends, you have been warned. This is just a reminder for future reference so you know what your getting into. Also those who decide to be ”friends” with the opposite gender know your intentions and know the other persons intention in the friendship.

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    • I’ve befriended both males and females, and not for any reason more than being friends, vice versa.
      There’s nothing wrong with a male and a female becoming friends; and yes, it IS possible without attraction and ”sexual tension”. Of course it’s possible for friendships between the opposite sex to turn into something more, just like it’s possible for people of the same sex to also- but it doesn’t always work like that.
      There is nothing proven here, just because a video may say otherwise.

    • It doesnt always work like that but it does MOST of the time.