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    Spectrolite7 posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    My life is amazing, I live comfortably, I am wealthy, abundant and healthy. I have beautiful family and friends who support and love me. I love to explore and enjoy it very much every day as I go out into nature and travel on a daily basis. I eat healthy vegan food as I have an abundance of it growing in my crop garden. My family and I have a very healthy bond and we enjoy our time when we’re together. Everyone has figured out their niche and is prospering in life, which is amazing to see. I’m very creative and talented, I know how to skateboard, bmx, aggressive inline skate, draw, paint, make beautiful music, very well, the talents just go on as I was born with so much potential to learn anything I put my mind to and am very natural in that. My life is prosperous, I prosper every day. I inspire the world around me to follow their dreams too as what I do amazes them and helps them see that they too can accomplish and reach their potential. I live sustainably, practice recycling, like to drive Tesla cars as I explore the world around me when I go on road trips, I like to ride my bike too as it is very fun doing many tricks while I go to many places. Life is a fun adventure for me and I love it very, very much. I’m always creating and I’m a master creator of my own universe. :) I love my life, it’s amazing!

    • It’s great to see you positive, upbeat and happy @spectrolite7, I’m sure everything will continue going amazingly for you, keep smiling and stay awesome, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)