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  • Progressing Positivity on June 28, 2014:

    (read in a fast pace, just like an eminem song, varying speed, just use
    your common sense :) )

    I present…
    My thoughts in a freestyle yo
    and it’s your Happy birthday so
    hunny I’ll try my dopest flow
    enough with this now here it goes:

    This person rocks from head to toe
    You’ll see that as you get to know
    her character is perfect oh
    sweet like a fucking marshmallow
    melt an evil harsh fellow
    Scar, Jafar or claude frollo
    make you smile in all sorrows

    She does has some insecurities
    Sometimes scary but no worries
    you’ll handle them with expertise
    no matter what, you’re my homie

    I’ve never seen nobody like her
    a fighter, a survivor;
    She’s happy freaky funky funny
    oh so cute and oh so cunning
    Warm-hearted and she likes helping
    wow we’re so similar now aren’t we?
    …..(beat plays)….

    ‘Sarah’ you are legen..wait for it…dary. you’re just legendary :)
    Funny, caring, awesome, and one of my bestest friends,
    A great listener and someone who stays optimistic and positive whatever the circumstances

    hehe my freestyle wan’t very good, sorry guys..really just opened the recorder and started…:P

    I salute you for who you are ‘sarah’ :D ;).
    (bows down)

  • on June 1, 2014:

    Jane, you are one of bestest friends on here :)
    and i think you deserve a testimonial :)

    your a really kind and easy going person, and are always a pleasure to talk to! I think you are a very trustworthy person and i know if i have a problem i can talk to you about it.

    soemtimes your messages make me smile and laugh. and i love the fact that you always give me an honest opinion to things.

    so yeah, keep being you ;) xxx