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I'm really friendly, so just talk to me to get to know me. I love helping people work out their problems, AND I'm pretty darn good at it, even though I can't really figure out my own (it's super complicated and emotionally impossible). I love kidding around, so if you don't know how to open a conversation with me, tell me any kind of joke, from the dirtiest to the cheesiest.

Seriously though, if you want to talk about anything at all, I'm open for talking to anyone about anything. Even if it's just for some small opinion or a one-time advice type of thing. By all means, my door is open to you! *smiles*

I will always reply to your messages, even if it takes a little while. However, if you harass me, and I've asked you repeatedly to stop, I DO reserve and WILL use my right to cease replying.

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Abuse, Bullying, Depression, General, Grieving, Mental Disorders, Parenting, Phobias, Relationships, Self Harm, Sexuality, Social Anxiety

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