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I'm a 44 year old wife, and mother of an amazing 18 year old daughter. I work in genealogy. It is a passion for me to help others connect to their roots. I end up adopting pretty much any child I meet, and I'm everyone's favorite aunt/auntie. I enjoy painting, exploring and have an inner dare devil that scares the crap out of everyone around me, though I don't allow them to take the same risks.
My mom passed away in my arms Hawaii of a heart attack back in 2013. Now I take care of my dad. I have an older sister and a younger brother.
Happy to go deeper into my background if anyone is interested.

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Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Careers, Depression, Eating Disorders, General, Grieving, Marriage, Mental Disorders, Parenting, Phobias, Relationships, Social Anxiety

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