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    No need for intros posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    5 things I’ve learnt since you left.

    1. Being loved and feeling loved are two completely different things. Being loved melts your insides and gives you whale sized butterflies. Feeling loved means recognising you are loved and are lovable. With you, I was both.

    2. Missing you is not temporary, it is not a fleeting moment. It is a pain like no other I’ve experienced.

    3. Loving you is not a fad, nor
    is it a day, week, month long affair, it is what seems eternal. Something that truly tears you up inside when you think back to that first person you ever loved.

    4. Saying sorry will never be enough if you’ve lost someone’s trust.

    5. Reliving moments such as “because if I’m being honest, its you” and “mostly because I’m in love with you” hurt. They constrict something deep inside of me as if an anaconda has a vice like grip on my body and is squeezing the very air out of my lungs, the life giving oxygen that I so desperately need and when I finally gather enough strength to take a breath its weak, my voice shaky, eyes blurred and I can’t bear to think about those memories any longer and I end up a sobbing mess reliving every time you ever said it.

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