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    Main reasons why many people are depressed/unhappy… (just a personal opinion)
    A) People don’t know how to live an actual good life.
    B) They think, that they don’t need to know about ’how to live an actual good life’, to live a good life.
    C) They don’t know how to figure out & educate themselves about ’how to live an actual good life’.
    D) They take advice from people who themselves are depressed & unhappy.
    Makes sense?

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    • I just do my best to survive whilst trying to help others in any way I can @sigmasuccour

    • @sigmasuccour Do you recognize clinical depression on a neuroscience level? Imbalance of chemicals and such? Or is this post about non clinical depression?

    • depression is a sickness, there doesn’t have to be a reason for it, it can just happen. it’s real and is a global issue, you don’t just walk up to a depressed person and ask them any of the reasons you listed, you listen to them, offer them support and/or even getting them to see a qualified professional who actually knows about these things.

    • ”living a good life” varies from person to another, theres no step by step tutorial to it. i think it would be better if you educate yourself about depression it may give you a different perspective on it than jsut seeing it as a person being ’unhappy’.

    • I shall answer in order, (in the same comment)
      first @rinseandrep
      then @yamoros12
      & then @aireens
      //Imbalance of chemicals and such?// @rinseandrep
      > Neuroscience, psychology, biology, physiology… and many such fields are all fundamentally linked together. The chemical reactions happening in the brain, have a cause. They don’t magically happen by themselves. If you understand ’the cause’, you can manipulate it to bring about a change. A person’s behaviour, lifestyle, habits, mindset, (i.e psychology) is linked to what happens neurologically.
      Haven’t you heard of neuroplasticity? It clearly defines how a person’s knowledge and behaviour (habits specifically) changes the structure and chemistry of the brain.
      Per my knowledge, there is a non-clinical depression or just ’depression’, the term we use normally in our day to day life to define ’unhappy’ people. And there is a ’clinical depression’ which is a systematic approach to depression recognized by a certain symptoms. (So I hope we are on the same page here.)
      //depression is a sickness, there doesn’t have to be a reason for it, it can just happen. //
      > I believe that’s called magic. All sicknesses have a ’cause’… (i may be wrong, so if you of any sickness that doesn’t have a cause, please let me know.)
      //it’s real and is a global issue//
      > Unfortunately yes.
      //you don’t just walk up to a depressed person and ask them any of the reasons you listed//
      > Oh I do! When people identify themselves as either unhappy or depressed, I simply ask them if they know ’how’ to be happy. Or I ask them if they know the common habits or lifestyle choices that are found in almost every content, healthy and all-around happy people.
      I sincerely do ask them before i further go on talking with them.
      //you listen to them, offer them support and/or even getting them to see a qualified professional who actually knows about these things.//
      > I read a Quote recently which stated the following…
      “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”
      I repeat ”Doctors destroy health”….There is truth in this quote. Just because someone has a tag of ’professional’ on them, does not make them one. One of the BIGGEST reason why there is such a mental health epidemic. Is because of these doctors and ’professionals’ you are referring to. I’m sad to say that many of these so called ’professionals’ are the ones who are causing this mental health epidemic. I urge you to go to youtube and watch a documentary titled ”most shocking psychiatry documentary” which was made by an activist association to bring awareness about this topic. I assure you, the documentary will leave you in tears.
      // you listen to them, offer them support//
      > What I see is that some of the people ’support’ by spouting what i consider ’lies’ and ’false hopes’. Which work like poison, that’s not helping. And talking about your problems makes you ’re-live’ the problem and remember them more powerfully, hence causing more stress on you. So ’just listening’ to them, is also not a good idea… its just a ’temporary fix’ which haunts you later. there are better ways to deal with it.
      //”living a good life” varies from person to another,// @aireens
      > every happy, successful and content person you find, there would be general similarities between ALL of them. they would have a similar type of general ’mindset’, they would have certain habits that are similar. A common way of viewing the world and so forth… (might you know what a few of those are?)
      At the core, we have the same psychology and the same general biology… if we didn’t… if things weren’t this systematic… then the whole field of biology and psychology and similar fields would fall down in an instant. But its generally the same, that’s why one doctor can study just a few individual’s biology and apply the same principles to solve every single person’s biological issues. Makes sense
      //theres no step by step tutorial to it. //
      > ummm… have you looked for them? the only reason I can think of, of why you would say that is because you haven’t even searched if there is such a tutorial. (no offence)
      Because 6 years ago I intended to discover ’the tutorial of living the best life’ and I seem to have it quite a lot figured out by now. (now to be honest, there literally IS a step by step tutorial on how to live a good life. And trust me, its not something you can ’find’, its something to ’realize’ and personally ’discover’. And you start discovering it when you actually intend to find it.)
      //i think it would be better if you educate yourself about depression it may give you a different perspective on it than just seeing it as a person being ’unhappy’.//
      > I apologize for the way I worded my sentence. I do not think that being ’unhappy’ and being clinically ’depressed’ are the same thing.
      But if anyone in clinical depression (or simple depression), focuses and works towards developing a ’happy lifestyle’, then they could end up curing their clinical depression. (is there any issue with this statement of mine?)

    • @sigmasuccour So, which group of people are you addressing? Clinical? Non clinical? Both?

    • @rinseandrep
      Both of course.

    • >by it varies from person to another i meant that thing A might make person A happy but not person B. sure generally we have similarities in achieving happiness but specifications have a huge impact on a person. biology sure its easier to find similarities …chemicals, neurotransmitters etc. for psychology its (for me ) more complicated since human beings cannot always be simply generalized .
      >Well actually i have searched for tips, tutorials and advises (maybe not enough still lol) , i think you are right, maybe sometimes we let our depression hold us back from finding it.
      >Its always easier said than done
      ps hope you share the steps on being happier and figuring things out! hahaha (no seriously share em bud)

    • @aireens
      //but specifications have a huge impact on a person.//
      > I agree. But of course, if me, you, or anyone wants to improve their quality of life, we would start by getting the know-how, of the general stuff first (i.e the practices that apply to other people and the majority) And then we would use that knowledge, to specify/tweak it to our personality and characteristics. But since an average person isn’t even aware of the general qualities of successful and happy individuals… saying that ”its completely different for each person” (not saying you said this) might not be very motivating…
      //maybe sometimes we let our depression hold us back from finding it.//
      > Indeed. Though my personal opinion is that, depression itself can be a driving force for us to strive for happiness. Because Without depression, or generally speaking, without the concept of ’unhappiness’ or state of ’unhappiness’ itself, happiness won’t exist. It is exactly the time we are depressed, or unhappy, that we strive to change and be more happier. (I hope that makes sense)
      //Well actually i have searched for tips, tutorials and advises//
      > Glad to hear that. A sincere applaud to your efforts. *Claps*
      //Its always easier said than done//
      > Indeed, for happy pappy people, being like the way they are becomes sort of a habit. So don’t take it against such a group of people if they make it sound easy. (indeed its not, i agree…)
      //ps hope you share the steps on being happier and figuring things out! hahaha (no seriously share em bud)//
      > That is my intention. To be more specific… my intention is to lay-out a whole ’practical-based’ tutorial of ’how to live a life’ (preferably, a blissful and creative one.). So its, a bit expansive and broad then just a mindset (that most programs focus on).
      To give you a better idea, It (what i’m working on) kinda ranges from ’how to gather & interpret information’ to ’which feet to place first, when exiting the toilet.” <<< (yupe, even that tiny detail matters)
      How do I intend to share the information? through Youtube! (haven't been make many videos up until now, just about 13 little ones… but hopefully soon, I will make it a full-time thing and, be able to produce more consistent and quality content.)

    • @delirious-carnium
      //Depression can be caused by trauma, stress, situational turmoil,//
      > The person who told you that they never had trauma, or stress, or situational turmoil… is most likely so happy that they forgot about it (which is a common case), or they are simply lying…
      Because there is no one who hasn’t gone through those…
      depression isn’t exactly caused by trauma, stress and so forth… it is caused by the ’inability to productively deal with trauma and stress (and etc)’. Makes sense?
      I have came across individuals who are depressed because their father died, (they even use it as an excuse for their miseries)… yet when my father died, I started recalling and valuing the things he taught me more and my life actually became better.
      So trauma itself, is not the cause of depression. Its how you deal with it, that causes the depression.
      oh and, if you teach a thinking kid, ’how’ to deal with depression and trauma and stress… (which barely any common man knows…), you would see that, they would grow positively whenever any trauma and stress comes to them. So I still stand with the idea, that people DON’T know how to ’live’ a good life, that is why they are in depression. If people consciously ’knew’ how to deal with stress, trauma and depression, they would deal with it more appropriately and productively (instead of complaining and weeping.)

      //but also chemical embalance in the brain. //
      > Chemical imbalances, don’t magically happen. They have a cause, like chronic stress causes chemical imbalances. (which again, says that the person under stress, does not know how to deal with stress (i.e, they don’t know how to live a good life.)
      //You can not box it like this.//
      > There is something called, being ’general’. And that’s what I believe I have been here O_O Have I not?
      Ask any depressed person the reasons I have displayed above and if they tell you that they ’know’ how to be happy, and they know how to fight depression (which comes with knowing how to be happy) and if still they are depressed… then let me know… I would take back every single one of my statement. :)

    • @delirious-carnium //You’re so ignorant, I can’t.// <<<
      Indeed! I'm ignorant, i'm ignorant about more things, then i'm not ignorant about.
      Though I do think its a tad bit ignorant to call someone ignorant… thinking that by saying such a thing, you could actually convince them of something…
      If you find me ignorant, then educate me. My eyes are all willing to read every single word you have to say. If you don't wanna type it out, you can direct me to places on the web that state your point of view in complete detail.
      I could have played "You're so ignorant" card the moment you first commented… but I didn't, because I find that there is no positive outcome by doing that. In-fact! I put forward my thoughts and challenged my knowledge, by presenting them to you. Yet instead of constructively opposing, you played the "you're so ignorant card." <<< But to be frankly honest, What exactly do you want me to interpret with this message of yours? You didn't even specify what i'm ignorant about, neither did you specify on how to resolve the issue of my ignorance. Would you care to be a bit more clear?