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    Progressing Positivity posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    WOW, can’t believe I’m saying this, but just gonna use this site for practice and because of some of my dear friends from now on, 7cups is awesome.

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    • I feel like somehow this is a bit my fault, since I got you into it, hehe. I wouldn’t say it’s really awesome, because it’s really different than blah, but it’s good if you like it. I think what’s really interesting is those things you can learn about and that it lights up green once you have. The self help guides are also worth looking into.

    • @little-angel-2 Yup, you got me into it :D Thank you for that :)
      Yeah, I already took 3 training courses in depression, sleeping well and active listening.
      It’s great because it helps you understand these issues in a much better manner :)

    • Hehe, you’re welcome :) I took the training courses about depression, anxiety, eating disorders and active listening. There are so many and they’re interesting. Things like that are good there, but I still prefer blah so far.