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    Erin Kristen posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Back again with bf problems.
    Me and mike have been on and off for 4 years you can say.
    We had alot of problems in our realtionship. we both had been involved with other people weither us talking to someone we werentt suppose to or sleeping with someone else.
    Last year we had a really bad breakup and i had caught him with a prostitue. Out of spite i slept with his best friend. and i fully regret it.

    Of course that didnt end well. Long story short police were involved and restreaiing orders.
    We both dropped it. and mike dropped the charges.
    We then after got back together, and were back at it on and off.
    Finally i spent quite a while of not speaking to him. And i cracked and got in touch with him

    And we both fell back into it saying how much we missed each other, and how much we loved each other
    That alone shows how unbalanced we are, weve been like that for 4 years.
    I love him so much and i know he loves me too
    But just yesterday he told me we was tired of trying and hes not happy how things are.

    He does it every time, we date for 5 months and then he gives up.
    I told him this one time we decided to get back together, that im all in, and i meant it. I want a future with this man, i love the person he is. Weve had our ups and downs, but i know we can move past it. Our age 7 yr age difference doesnt have to be a problem if we just respected each other opinions.

    I want this to truely work, i know we dont see eye to eye, and we disagree, but i just feel like we can move past this.

    I want to know if its worth it.

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    • I would do what you feel is comfortable for both of you @shesjustsorad, if you both feel the relationship can survive, keep being with each other, if not, maybe you should go your separate ways, hopefully things will work out in a good way Erin, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • You are free to work at it; but to me, it just doesn’t sound like a healthy thing for either of you. If you stick it out, accept that it will be an open relationship in the sense of the occasional affair or third party tryst. You love with your heart, but you should add your brain to the mix. So much drama – is that what you really want in and out of a relationship? Good luck on whatever you choose.

    • I’ll try to be as honest and nice as possible with this. I hope you genuinly see this as help, because is my intention: you say you want to be with him yet what I read was a very unstable and unhealthy relationship. Now I’m not doubting your feelings but I’m doubting your decision making… If you do stay with him ”forever” it means arguing and this ”disagreements” will last, aswell, forever.
      Are you able to be forever with that energy ?
      I think you should seriously think about your situation. When a relationship not only had someone being unfaithfull but actually had restraining orders, to me that says to get away from each other as far as possible, is beyond just… unhealthy.
      There are thousands of people who would give you their whole heart and love you. Not only that, but you should think that you deserve better. And I’m saying this worried about you, about your future.
      Just think about it before you make a final decision.
      Once again every single word I said was with a kind intention.

    • This comment is very well written and with a good train of thought. You should listen to this person at least. I agree with it.