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    Seagoat posted an update 5 years ago

    im just… im not sure how to process this

    • from the looks of it they bashed and robbed you, don’t know what type of person or people would do this for just a bunch of phones, maybe they saw you buy the phone and waited. if i were in your shoes i’d probably be the same too… least you managed to come out alive from your ordeal :/

    • @yamoros12 i know !! its crazy !!! i mean… they were the scummy teens with nothing to do other than hang out in front of the shops everyday, smoking ciggis and yelling at people that walk past, i’ve seen the same people their before… but i never thought they’d start shit with us?? … i was waiting for my sis to exit the toilet and then like ?? they were on me … im shocked…. she even paid the credit for the phone, unlocked it and didnt set it up, so it has no password, no icloud, nothing,,, they literally got a free phone……. and thats what pisses me off the most?? they actually got something out of it?? (they tried to grab for more shit but, i fought some off?… that sounds so weird) im very glad that we wernt stabbed or killed, because the type of people they were, the shit they were yelling at us, and doing for a fucking phone… im sure they honestly could have… im just upset i couldn’t of done more to stop them,, or like,, protect my sister…?? thanks for the support tho, im feeling better now but ??? idk its a weird feeling