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    Tony posted an update in the group Group logoTell me your love story, please? 3 years, 1 month ago

    here’s one I came up with
    It’s midday, I’m getting off work and I decide since I still have some paperwork I should get a good cup of coffee. I walk into the cafe order a cup of coffee, with some milk and no sugar. Now sitting on the couch I put some music on and I grab today’s newspaper. I start reading to find out about a new book to read, and some new video game that has been discovered. I put the newspaper down and take a sip of my coffee. Little do I know someone sat down next to me, one cushion away. I looked at her she had headphones in. She was wearing a jean jacket with sweatpants and, sneakers with short socks. Her hair was black and she even had a bit of a tan going. The sun touched her face as she looked outside, like a butterfly landing on a flower. So, I walk over to the front desk asked them to make a coffee with a heart in it and, my number on a napkin to give it to the lady sitting on the couch. They said sure, so, I paid and headed back to the couch. I grab my paper and wait after about 5 minutes. They give her a cup and she looks all confused. She asked who it was from, so, I lowered the newspaper a little just so I could see over it. They said to call the number and find out. She looks around the room and catches my eye. I pull the newspaper up and hope she didn’t see me. The lady kicked my shoe and said, “hey you.” So, I put down My newspaper “yeah the one with the messy hair is this from you?” I blushed lightly but kept my calm. I responded with “no.” She gave me a Doubting look as I pulled my newspaper back up. Then the lady typed the number on her phone and said, “I guess I’ll just have to find out who sent this.” She takes a sip of her coffee and pauses … “this delicious coffee.” My phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I blushed a bit more and pulled the newspaper closed to my face. She scoots a cushion closer to me and lightly with one finger pulls my newspaper down as I’m still blushing. She looks at me with a smile “seems like you missed a call there.” I blush a bit more and start nervously laughing. Then I say “yeah seems like I did.” I start to gain confidence so I put the newspaper down “how’s your coffee?” The lady responded with “It’s great, one of the best coffees I’ve tried so far!” I gave a light warm-hearted smile. We proceed to talk about what coffees we like, what things we like to do, places we like to go to, etc. Then she wrote me down in her contacts and I did the same. We paid for our coffees and some muffins and we walked out of the cafe. We continued to talk and make jokes. Then she decided we were going to go to her house since we were already walking there. I mentioned the fact that I lived across the street We were surprised how long we had lived next door without meeting. We talked a bit more then we said our goodbyes and I went across the street to my house and took a refreshing shower. Then sat on my couch and sent her a text *Want to go to dinner this Friday?”