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    ramalama posted an update 6 years, 4 months ago

    Alright. No more Vent/Listen Chat for me. I tried once more just to see if /someone/ was actually serious about being a listener. This is what I get. http://i.imgur.com/nVKiaMJ.png
    I really hope that this problem gets some attention by the site. I’m not sure how it would be addressed, but I think it would be highly beneficial to get it looked into.

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    • I’m really sorry, I’ve found myself in that situation, and have found tons of guys that I tried to listen to and are looking mainly for girls to talk to, hoping that they are vulnerable and willing to do ”something.” I don’t know what to do, I am really sorry.

    • That was a really rude reply of that listener. If someone acts like that, report them and disconnect. Try to move on to the next listener and eventually you’ll find one who won’t be like that. If you’d like someone to vent to, you can always message me. The vent/listen doesn’t always go so well, personally I’d advise venters to reach out to the common members here on blah, they are more likely to lend you an ear and not respond in that way.

    • I agree that reporting them is the right thing to do in a situation like this, but I’m not really worried about how it affected me personally. I’m more concerned about new people who are just now finding the Vent/Listen tool. When I first came here, all I knew about was the chat, and it really did help me through a personal struggle. If new venters come in, having found a place to get their problems off their chests through google, I’m worried that the majority of listeners will behave like this towards them. It will firstly make the venter feel terrible, and secondly discredit anything valuable the rest of the site has to offer. I understand that no matter what there are going to be trolls in the chat, but they seem to be breeding at an exponential rate. If I had just found the chat, knowing nothing of the rest of the site, and was treated like that there would be no way I would consider joining the community.

    • There is no need to be sorry about this, @maorst123 I just really want to draw attention to the problem. I’m not upset about the personal jab, and maybe I’m having an unlucky streak with listeners. But still, if there is a more efficient way of detecting trolls in the chat then of course the overall quality of the help will increase. The Chat can be an amazing tool for anyone looking for an ear to listen to, if only it wasn’t so easily abused.

    • You do have a valuable point. It would be quite off-putting for those who are already vulnerable as it is. It also creates a wrong image of this community. When it comes to the vent/listen chat, I personally find that 7 cups has a better system. 7 cups does get more streaming from venters/listeners than blah does. Here on blah, anyone could click to be a listener and unfortunately there have been too many trolls and what not. Who knows, maybe at some point some improvements will be made.

    • I understand your frustration, and my apology was more or less an acknowledgment of that frustration, because I can relate to how you feel and can see that you are passionate about this. I really do wish that there was a more efficient way to report this, as well.

    • I’m sorry, @maorst123 I didn’t mean to bite your head off X( I’m just riding the angsty train at the moment. I do appreciate your apology, and I’m also sorry that you’ve experienced the same thing ): Here’s to trying to make this website everything it can be! ^-^

    • And that’s great that you are taking this, the extra step, to make this the site it can be, all it can be and more than it already is for all of us. You have a good sense of leadership in times of need. And do not worry, I am not taking it personal, I completely understand, we’re well :) almost as well as friends would be.

    • @hsppersonal Wow, that was resolved impossibly quickly, and I mean that in the most literal sense. I haven’t even had a chance to contact staff about the issue yet. Are you on the administrative team?

    • Yes, I understand that this is how many websites are able to track abusers and potentially stop these occurrences. So what specifically was done? The website already enforced action against IP’s that were being flagged by users, so what did you do different to fix the problem as a whole? Are credentials now required to be a listener? How were all of the trolls weeded out within an hour of my post? Again, are you a website admin? How did you, personally, fix this problem so quickly? I’m sorry, but I’m dubious to your status as website staff after looking back through your post history. I would like some confirmation from you or known Blah staff that you are being truthful in your affirmations of action being taken.