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    irrestistable trail posted an update in the group Group logoWomen from Venus & Men from Mars 9 years, 2 months ago

    I’ve got an assumption, maybe you could take a stance on it: I assume that women are generally more emotional and more easily upset by trivia than men. That’s because women are more emphatic and also less concerned about showing emotion openly. Men’s minds are somewhat… duller/cooler than women’s, so we don’t get so upset about trivialities. On the other hand we are often not that emotional or emphatic/understanding and generally ”care less”. I’m male btw. I hope the above doesn’t sound offensive in any way because it is not meant to be.
    What do you think of my assumption? Am I right/wrong? Is that a non-generalizable topic?

    • Men and women are basically similar. The differences we do have are not typical and vary according to individuals.

    • In my experience, women do tend to get more emotional. I think it has more to do with maternal instincts and hormones than much else to be honest. As a woman, I find myself blubbing at cats being put down and people dying on TV for two weeks out of a month, and then it doesn’t bother me for the other two weeks. Children being hurt always makes me cry. I think men have that hunter/gatherer thing inbuilt. They tend to care when they have their own children, but not very much until, and not very much about others in my experience that is.