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    finnian posted an update 1 year ago

    i know i posted not that long ago being real emo and shit but something really cool happened. on new year’s eve, it was one of my coworkers birthday and i was invited to a little get together (all people i see 5 days out of 7 so no need to hound me about the virus) it was only about 5 of us and it was actually a lot of fun. towards the end it dwindled down to one of my friends more so than a coworker, at her house. we’re left alone to talk and after awhile i can tell she’s sleepy so i excuse myself, we hug and after the hug i pick her chin up to meet my gaze and kiss her. it was one of the most invigorating thing i did all of 2020. i don’t know what will come of it, i don’t expect anything but i can’t lie when i say that i am excited to see her tomorrow

    • Oli replied 1 year ago

      Awwww that’s so cute, sweet and adorable @peiyopei, hope this relationship continues going strong for both of you Finnian, hopefully this will become a serious romantic relationship for you or a very close friendship, remember to always communicate, be open and honest with each other, I wish you all the best Finnian, feel free to inbox me anytime if you need to talk Finnian, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)