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    fin posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    i didn’t do it. i am wimp, a worm. nothing. i cant even be myself without being scared that people wont accept me. what’s wrong with me?! im a fuck up uuuuggghhhh.

    • I would do it when you feel completely ready and comfortable too @peiyopei, don’t put any pressure on yourself, I’m sure when you do come out so many people will support you and be happy for you, remember to stay positive and embrace who you are, you can do it, feel free to message me anytime if you want to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • what if i never feel ready?

    • I’m sure one day you will feel ready to truly tell people about who you are with courage and bravery @peiyopei :) (hugs)

    • i hope, thanks Oli :)

    • //i didn’t do it// @peiyopei
      > My suggestion, is that you do not focus on what didn’t do. But focus on what you will do the next time. Makes sense?
      That’s it, lesson learned. Close the chapter of the past! move on folks! its THAT simple!
      //i cant even be myself without being scared that people wont accept me.//
      > The main issue here is not you being or not being yourself, the main issue here is that you THINK that your satisfaction lies in you being accepted by people. that’s bogus! Garbage!
      A load of rubbish!
      Think for it a moment, no man! literally no man! (or woman) has walked on the face of this Earth, being fully accepted by EVERYONE! no one has!
      (especially in the start, in the start, literally no one accepted them. And who in the sane mind wants to be respected by ’normal’ people? they are depressed, who can’t sleep in the night, who are wasting their life, purposeless living things walking on the face of the earth, causing misery… you feel satisfied being respected by them?…)
      The very idea that you put your personal satisfaction, into the hands of others, is the reason for your misery.
      //what’s wrong with me?//
      > Loads of stuff! But focus on what is wrong, and you get more wrong. Focus on what is ’right’ with you, then you get to polish that what is right.
      If an engineer, focuses on what he is ’wrong’ at or the things he can’t do, like he can’t do software engineering, he can’t do mentalism, he can’t do statistics, he isn’t good at origami, he isn’t good at business…. then he will never improve! because our brain are so magnificently creative, that our brain will creatively come up with the things that are wrong with us, or the things we are not good at.
      So better route is, to focus on what is ’right’ with you. What you are ’good’ at. ”I’m good at software engineering! oh i found that video game making tutorial on youtube, i will see that and be better! oh there is a coding competition for software developers, I’m good at that! I will take a part in it!. Oh look! they are hiring people who are good in software engineering, oh that’s me! I’m good at that! I will take that opportunity.”
      Focus on the things you are good at, forget the wrong. Once you focus on what is good, the wrong will slowly wither away, bit by bit.
      //! im a fuck up uuuuggghhhh.//
      > You are, but saying that will only f___ you up more. So say you are awesome and will get better day by day. And tomorrow you will be a better you then today, and then next day after tomorrow, you would be an awesom-er you then today, and the next day after that you would be even more awesometacular!