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    OrderoftheHalfBlood posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    I wish I could stop feeling so inferior all the time to my peers. I sometimes want to cry because of how competent they are. I’m trying to do the best I am, but my best is nothing compared to theirs. Yes, I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but it’s hard to be around these people almost 24/7 and constantly feel like an idiot. This is going to sound whiney, but I wish I was smart. Textbook smart, street smart, just any type of smart. It bothers me a lot that I’m not smart, to the point where I want to drop out of nursing school because I don’t think I’d be a good enough nurse.

    Mood : Sad
    • Sorry for the incoherent sentences. Pretty drowsy right now.

    • @orderofthehalfblood its never easy to shun envy and jealousy, its easier to ignore it, best way to beat the feeling of inferiority is to learn something new each day, if you ignore your envy, if you ignore your jealousy and focus on improving yourself, learning more and more, one day yourself talking to these people once more and you’ll find that you’ve gained something they didnt, know something they don’t and you shall find yourself on even ground with these men and women you once found superior to you

    • Please don’t feel bad about yourself @orderofthehalfblood, everyone has something they are good at, I’m sure you do too, remember to focus on making yourself better each day and on learning new things, do keep improving and seeing yourself in a positive light, things will go your way and I’m sure you will be so successful in life, don’t give up, you will make it, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • I would remove myself from it, but that would mean a lot of money I’d have to pay up right away with no money to pay it. Being smart matters a lot to me because it’s really all I have going for me. I’m not really good at much else. Well, I guess complaining, but that isn’t really anything to be proud of.