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    Miss Paranoia posted an update 8 years, 3 months ago

    I’m so tired of this, tired of my toxic mother, tired of having no friends at school, tired of feeling ugly around everyone – I’m literally starting to think that death is the only way out, there’s no help avalible here at all, I’ve seen a therapist but it was some 3 sessions until he had to move places and needed to charge me, which I can’t afford. I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE..

    Mood : Depressed
    • Please don’t let your struggles get you down @oomissdioroo, you deserve to be treated right by others, do surround yourself with compassionate and understanding people who will always stick by you, please be kind to yourself and love yourself, you are incredible, always remember that, you will win all your battles and come out so much stronger, focus on being the special individual that you are, you will make it, believe in yourself and keep going forward with confidence and clarity, there is always hope, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • PLEASE do not feel like this is your only way out, @oomissdioroo there is plenty of help and an offer of friendship here with me. You are never ever alone, honey, and I promise you that. Please, if you need to seek help, seek it with myself or even @Oli as he is a wonderful person who can offer immense support, I wish I could say the same about myself haa but maybe I’m just modest. Please don’t feel like there’s never a way out, because there always is- please take my word on that. I deal with a lot, and I feel like I can help you deal with what you’re going through. I urge you to message me if you feel comfortable, happy and confident enough to. Sending you my love, sweetheart x