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    Oli posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    So frustrated and annoyed with the spam here on BT, it is ruining this beautiful community, seriously there has to be a way to make it stop, I’m going to put an idea out for all members on BT to consider, I would be willing to become moderator or admin on BT if needed because the moderators and admins seem to have deserted this place, so just putting my name forward for consideration because this spam can’t go on, I want BT to always be a place of love, kindness and compassion, a place where we all support each other.

    Mood : Frustrated
    • I can relate to your frustration, Oli.
      I believe the moderators are doing the best they can to solve problems quickly. I think it’s probably hard to manage the site with so many visitors. I was just thinking that Blahtherapy is such a big support system for me that whenever the chat is down I feel a higher level of anxiety. However I am trying to remind myself that there is always support system within ourselves. Thank you for this post, I am taking this as a chance to connect through this post. Message me if you need to talk.

    • Thank you for your reply @lelslessing, I just want BT to always be a place of kindness, love and compassion where we all support each other, I hope something gets done about all the spam, it has to be removed so this beautiful community can always be a place where we support and help each other, hope you are having a wonderful day, keep being the awesome person that you are Lels, I’ll always be here for you, feel free to inbox me anytime, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • Thank you Oli, always good to hear from you! Be well!