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    Oli posted an update 2 years ago

    ”Oli, for a man of 28 years old, you are wasting your life”
    I was told this today by my father, I’m so pathetic and stupid honestly, I’m a failure of a human-being and a worthless son who is an utter screw-up and disappointment, I’m better off dead, seriously if I had a gun, I would blow my brains out, I give up, life will always be bleak, hopeless, depressing, lonely and sad for me and I’ll always be a let-down to myself and my family, Oli needs to disappear and die, I just want to end it all, I’m so sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • @Oliver

      I’m so sorry that happened, Oli. That’s a horrible thing that your father said to you.
      I know you’ve been going through this for such a long time, and for an amazing person such as yourself, you deserve so much better. This life is completely unfair to you.

      But it will never be worth giving up. I don’t ever want to see you take the leap and kill yourself. You’re more important than you believe, and this community loves you so much. We need you, Oli.

      And we are all here for you, bud.


      I’ve never taken you for a liar, @oliver. And yet you tell such lies. Never give up. You are not alone. Your father does not understand the struggles you go through, and that’s why he said that. He’s trying to motivate you.

      Never feel unloved.

    • Oli, I may not know you too well, but I know you well enough to say that you are not a failer. You are on here helping people when they need help, and you are on here to talk to someone when they are down. Tbh, Oli, you have helped me when I was upset and I want to do that same for you. If you need to talk more about this or anything else, just Dm me.

    • Oli you are terrific honestly, I know those are harsh words from your father, and it is hard to ignore. But sometimes even in general, the family are toxic you should not pay attention to what they say and make yourself feel like this. You are a wonderful and kind human being and trust me in today’s time it’s extremely rare to find such caring people like you. So, please don’t say that we are all here for you.

    • If you’re living your life according to opinion of other people then I’m sorry to say you will always find your self disappointed, Instead of thinking, Oh my parents don’t love me Instead think about this,.. If you father can shun you like that then what is stopping other people doing the same or worse…. Stop looking for validation – The only way you can move on from depression or mental health problems is by looking deep within yourself and find a purpose.. then work hard but smart to achieve it. you are your own best friend…Stop betraying yourself by relying on people for emotional Support. Self pity is a deep pit you once enter, It is next to impossible to pull out from….