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    Oli posted an update 1 year ago

    I’m so lonely, I’m just so tired of all the depression and loneliness, there has never been any happiness or brightness for Oli, just sadness and always being alone, I don’t have a friend in the world, I’m such a stupid loner and worthless recluse, I honestly just want to disappear and die, I don’t care anymore, it’s better for me to give up and stop trying, life isn’t worth living for me, I’m so sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • Oh my gosh, @Oliver! We are all here for you, the same way you are for us! *sending virtual hug*

      On the flip side, I think we all know how useless it is to tell a depressed person to ”just stay positive.” So here’s what I’m going to say instead: we believe in you, Oliver. You’re not worthless, because, if nothing else, you do so much for all of us every day. Take a deep breath; you can do it. I – we – believe in you. You’re such a strong person, and you’ve come so far. Don’t give up now. We’re all here by your side, so feel free to message me (I would say us, but I can’t speak for the rest of the BT community’s availability) whenever you feel down. You are not alone. We understand how you feel, and we’ll never give up on you. You can get through this. Just let your light part the darkness, and know you’re not alone.

    • $teve replied 1 year ago

      Oliver, don’t think that way. We are all here for you, in the dark times and the humble of times. I get it too, My depression and anxiety almost always cuts me off from happiness most the times, and I just feel like I can’t take it anymore. Don’t give up Oliver, you are an inspiration to others, and always try to help those who are in need. You aren’t stupid nor useless, you give everyone good advice to help them cope with what they’re dealing with, you aren’t useless also because you came to this planet to help others, as well as to see what truly is out there in the world. You are most certainly doing a good job at both, don’t let any one doubter make you feel that it isn’t possible because it is possible, and they are trying to make you think what your thinking which isn’t true at all. Your a nice, caring, and supportive member of this community, and I have the privilege of having met you, as well as everyone else on this website. Without your words, I would still be in a mind of constant stress and fear. Remember, stay strong, and always think about the brighter side of things. If you need a break, take one for as long as you wish. We are all here for you buddy, for anything, inbox me or FadingEcho, or anyone else who is kind and supportive enough to hear you and help you through these dark times of yours. We’ll always be by your side, no matter what.

    • @oliver

      I know that this life is hard. It comes with its fair share of struggles, and trust me, you know that I know how unfair and how brutal is really is. But we, as humans who have gone through so much, will always see the darkness before we can see the light. It won’t be this way forever.

      Please, don’t be afraid to ever reach out to me, Oli. You know you’re my best buddy around here, and you have been since the very beginning. You can always find a friend in me.

      *Hugs* I’m here for you, my dear friend. <3

    • Dude, Hang in there… This world is a cruel place, here only those tough enough to handle the pressure survive… You have to provide people with something they want, to make companions… Remember, when the going gets tough, The tough get going,… !!! you choose…..

    • Panda replied 1 year ago

      Oli I don’t know what you’re going through, but I know you can’t just give up, because that’s what all the horrible stuff in the world want you do to. I believe that there are more good people out there than all the horrible stuff that exists, and that is what gets me up in the mornings and helps me through the worst part of the day. The part where its just me and my thoughts. When I’m by myself and I feel like I’m drowning, I remember pieces of kindness. I remember the smile of someone I love, and the hugs of my friends. But one of the best things is that I can be suffering and a at loss and a complete stranger will stop and ask me if I’m okay, then will wait and listen patiently while I sob my heart out. The fact that there will always be someone who cares, and that there is always someone who wants to help you through. Regardless of whether you have people there for you or you feel like you don’t, just know there are people out there who do care, and are there for you to talk and open up to. Know that I’m here, and I’m one of those passing strangers who are willing to sit and listen to you talk about whatever, whether it’s something as big as life and mental health, or something as simple as how good McDonald’s Mcflurry is (to me anyways). I want you to know there are people who care for you, and if you want anyone to talk to, I’m here. So is everyone. And remember, even if it’s feels hopeless and lonely, there is always a hope, and there is always someone to talk to.

    • heyy just think of what u said to me in those comments you told me just be yourself and find friends that will help you im always here hugs