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    Oli posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    I’m seriously sick of trying, I hate my life, this awful lonely, depressing existence, every day is the same for me, the same sad routine, day in, day out, so much loneliness, bleakness and hopelessness, I don’t have a friend in the world, I just want to give up, 10+ years of being a reclusive hermit, a stupid loner who is always stuck in his house/bedroom, I would be better off dead, I’m sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • Oli, it will be okay, things will get better. Look how far you have come! You cannot give up now! We all love you and support you and appreciate you so very much. Without you, Blah would be nothing and most of us here would not have been able to get through the things without your support and help. We are ALWAYS here to support, listen and help you ♥ It will be okay, it WILL be okay. Never hesitate to message me!

    • Oli, I can’t think of anyone that has fought so much as you did. You’re the main support of BT, you’ve helped every single one of us while fighting your own battles like the mightiest warrior. When these negative thougts kick in, remember that they don’t tell the truth about you. They do not define you. Despite we are far away, you have a friend in me, as well as everyone here in BT: We LOVE you and CARE about you. You won’t feel like this forever, it will change. We’ll help you change it, and get through every single storm. We’ll be together until the clouds disapper. Don’t give up Oli, and remember that I’m fere for you whenever you need it! <3

    • I’ve been that way I have a feeling you can make it through, you can talk to me if you want anytime. <3

    • You finally get me you couldn’t express my life any better I would just have hit the keyboard and say its my life

    • im sorry that you are feeling this way. usually i get postive feed back from you and it brightens my day. please continue to keep that positive attitude going. your words are meaningful to us. i suggest you try and get out more. explore the town or find something to do outside of your space. there is so much to experience when you dont let the dark thoughts in. you are an awesome soul. keep your head up!!