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    Oli posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    I’m so alone in this world, nobody cares about me, I’m always going to be this lost, pathetic and sad failure, it doesn’t get better for Oli, he is forever stuck in this hole of depression and loneliness, I want to give up and stop bothering, every day is a struggle to find the reasons to continue with my awful existence, seriously I would be better off dead, I see only darkness for me, I should kill myself, commit suicide because there is absolutely no hope for me, I want everything to stop, I’m sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • Oli, you are beyond valuable and it really shows on this website. You are incredibly kind, helpful and we are always here for you- we will never leave you or stop caring because you are special to all of us here on blahtherapy. Things will get better because you are an inspiring, wonderful human being.

    • We all believe in you Oli, you are capable of going through this. Remember all the beautiful words that you give us every day, because you too deserve them, all of them and even more. Right now you might feel weak and hopeless, but we are here to give you the support and streght you need. Do not give up, you can with this!!

    • Oli, I think you are so awesome and caring! You are always there when someone needs someone to talk to! SO while you’re there thinking that no one cares, There’s just may be a bunch of people who are grateful for you and would back you up! All because of your kindness! At least I would have your back! I’m sure there are several others as well! So if you ever need anything, or need to vent, feel free to talk to us and vent! You are there for us, why not be there for you. :)