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    Oli posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    I can’t do this anymore…why bother?, it’s better to give up on life because things will forever be dark, bleak, depressing, sad and hopeless, seriously if death came for me, I would be relieved and at peace because this stupid ‘life’ and existence holds no joy, happiness or positivity for Oli, all I have is loneliness and emotional pain, I’m so alone in this cruel world, the BT community would be so much better off without my constant negativity, I’m a burden who will not achieve anything and everything I do ends in failure, there is no love or hope for me as I’m so pathetic, dumb and stupid, I’m sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • @oliver you’re a strong and amazing person, don’t give up! So far you’ve survived 100% of your bad days and it shows how strong and incredible you are! Don’t live these days alone, seek help from friends and family, if you need – seek professional help.
      Try to explore yourself and find new hobbies. Reading, hiking, music. The BT community needs you so much! You’ve helped us all in so many ways and we appreciate it so much. You’re not a failure, you’re an awesome, smart and kind person.

    • oli nooo dont ever think of that you are a great person! pm me! lets talk :(

    • You’re messages have helped me more than you know Oli. I agree with Gleb though, you need to get offline man. I see you commenting beautiful things on everyone’s walls and trying so hard to make people feel worth something. It’s time to take your own advice. Get up and get out! Spoil yourself a little, put that energy into you, be happy!

      I don’t know you on a personal level, but what you do on here…it doesn’t end in failure. You give us hope, you make us feel not pathetic and dumb. Therefore, you can’t be, even if you feel like you are.

      Also…this is the first negative thing I’ve seen from you. I know I’m not on all that often, but I do scroll…and I have only seen good things from you.

      Keep up the amazing work, but please take a break every now and then!