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    Oli posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    Everything is just so bleak, depressing and sad for me and always will be, my dreams and goals will never come true, depression and loneliness are my only friends, I want to give up and not bother anymore, I’m just so sick of everything, I have no purpose, just a stupid, moronic existence, I am my own worst enemy but I have always hated myself, honestly there will never be any positive statuses from me on BT because I’m just stupid and don’t have anything to be happy about, I’m better off disappearing, this ’life’ holds no joy for me, just endless doom and emotional pain, why do I even bother, it’s better to just give up because everything will always be bad, I’m a mess, a broken shell, this community is the only good thing in my lonely existence but…I just don’t know, things will never get better for me, I’ll be stuck in my personal prison of my bedroom, of my negative thoughts and feelings forever, I’ll always be the introverted, shy, withdrawn hermit, once an outcast, always an outcast, I’m sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • This is not true. You are NOT stupid. I’m sure there are positive things around you but you can’t see them cause you are in your ”broken shell”, maybe its better that it broke so you could see the world from other view and trust me it better out there. Your dreams and goals WILL come true as long as you keep believing in them and stop giving up. Things will get better I promise, but you have to fight those negative thoughts and the lonely feeling. Trust me you are never along as you think you feel, you are a fighter and you will get through this I promise. Dear Oli, you always know how to cheer someone up with your cheerful, inspiring words. maybe you should listen to your own self cause you know how inspiring you are. Feel free to message me anytime, and always remember it gets better ♥ cheers and love xx