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    Oli posted an update 5 months ago

    Why do I even bother, nothing good will ever happen to me, I will never achieve my goals or dreams, seriously I’m so pathetic and stupid, I’m an introverted, shy, isolated and withdrawn reclusive loner who can’t make friends, so finding love with someone is completely out of the question, honestly I would be terrible boyfriend material for any girl anyway, I’m just a disappointment and waste of space, I’m hideous and ugly, seriously I hate looking at myself in the mirror because it’s so horrid, repulsive and disgusting, I didn’t get my first proper job until May 2015, it shows how dumb I am, seriously things will never go right for me, I’ll forever be stuck with depression/loneliness, I don’t know what true happiness is and I’ll never find it, everything I have ever done has turned out awful, I’ll tell you all how stupid I am, I am 26 and still can’t ride a bike, do you know how stupid that is for someone of my age?, I’m beyond ridiculous, even on this site, someone where I have been a member of for a few years now, I’m the biggest hypocrite on BT, trust me, I can totally understand if others don’t follow my advice, I wouldn’t listen to myself either, if I was me, I would run away from myself, everything will be forever dark for me, it’s best to just give up and not bother because I just have a sad existence, I don’t have a life, it’s hopeless for Oli because I am a failure, I’m so sorry everyone :(

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    • Obviously your bit cause ur a social butterfly on this site and have been since I joined back in 2013. Your perception is from inside the bubble we all see from the outside. Ur very ambitious and articulate. U have many friends. I’m sorry if ny criticism hurt u but I lashed out and u were first person on radar. Trust bro that I go through shit too. Hit me up and if u want I’ll give u my outside info

    • It saddens me to read this. You are the one person who has always been active on BT for years. You give good advice, you care for everybody. But you can’t live your life here. Listen to me Oli, I mean this in the nicest possible way; Get off the fucking computer and live your damn life. What’s the point of helping people if you can’t help yourself. I KNOW, we all know that you aren’t dumb, you know what to do. So just please get up and try to fix your life, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. It can be done. EVEN IF IT MEANS GETTING OFF THE BLAH. Focus on yourself for once. Get professional help if necessary. You can’t live through your computer forever. I haven’t been on this site for months and I logged in with the sole purpose of telling you to kindly get your shit together, don’t lose hope and stop taking the easy way out. BlahTherapy loves you. Please learn to love yourself. You can only do that by becoming the best version of yourself. All the best Oli.

    • hold on dude! hope me not replying to your post 2 years ago never bothered you, cause i log on this site once in a blue moon. you seem like a nice and genuine dude, and you’re not hideous. you’re not brad pitt either, but you’re definitely not ugly! dont worry about getting a girl either, cause that’ll just make things worse.just focus on the things you enjoy, and finding new things to enjoy. with the internet, the world is your oyster; you say you’re dumb? doesn’t matter. everything you wanna know is on google.
      i hope you feel better soon man, and if i log in again in the near future, i’ll be sure to check how you’re doing and drop you a message. so just stay strong dude and remember you matter to people, even if it doesn’t feel like it.