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    Oli posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    I’m such a waste of space, annoyance and a burden to everything and everyone, honestly why am I here?, I will forever be trapped in this dark hole with no way out, this community is better off without me, I need to disappear, I have upset so many people on Blah, my posts have made members angry, upset, I have been sworn at numerous times, I try to help people but get told to go away, to never comment on their posts ever again, what’s the point?, I’m a let-down to the Blah community, to myself and to everyone around me, depression, rejection and loneliness are the only things I have in my life. I’m sorry everyone, there is too much sadness, I want to give up, all I am is a reclusive loner who stays in his bedroom all day. Everything is bad, it always will be no matter how hard I try, I’m so sorry, please accept my heartfelt apologies, the Blah community deserves better, I can’t be helped, I don’t have a friend in the world, I’m so alone…. :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • Oli, you are the most kind heated person i know, your kind words of support help everyone in here. Keep your head up, and keep helping people, you are very good at it, pm me if you ever need to talk

    • You are most certainly not. You are so kind and sweet, you have helped SO many people out. Including me. Everyone is SO thankful for you. <3 <3 <3

    • No you are not! You are such a amazing person! You are so kind,sweet and caring :) You always make everyones day when you post things! Especially me ^^ Just please don’t go! We all need you. We will help you like you helped us through the bad times.