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    Oli posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    I’m feeling so down, depressed and lonely, I guess that’s how I will always be, I’ve struggled with trying to find myself for so long now, 10+ years and it keeps on going, every day, every single day is full of darkness and hopelessness, why do I even bother anymore, no-one cares, I don’t care either, no one understands me, I can’t understand myself either, I’m just an annoyance and a burden to the people around me and to this community, I just want to disappear from the world, I’m such a hypocrite and coward, I’m better off not being here, things will never ever change no matter how hard I try, I upset everyone, people have always disliked me wherever I have gone, I’m sorry for being a bad person who is haunted by things, it is just so bleak, life isn’t worth it, I’m so empty and alone, please don’t judge me…..I’m stuck in this hole forever, I’m so sorry :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • Please @oliver don’t feel that way!!! I cant speak for everyone, but as for myself I don’t see u as a bother, and dude I don’t know u very well but ur amazing!!! Ur always there to build everyone up, whenever I post something I know, KNOW that I will at least get one comment and I look forward to it because its always u, ur always there to say something encouraging and helping. Ur deserve to be here on earth and don’t ever think other wise. If I wanna talk, please message me, I’m here for u :) :) u can do this. We can all do this together.
      Big hug :)