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    Oli posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    I think I should take the advice of some users on here and take a break from Blah, but I’m torn, this community is one of the only good things in my life, I don’t have an offline life at all, barely any friends, except those I have made through Blah, I just want everyone to know that I’m here to help and make people smile because I hate to see others in pain, I should try to help myself a bit, but everything I have ever tried has come to nothing, I’m sick of trying sometimes, I want to have a happy life but I can’t find anything I enjoy or that will last long enough to make me smile, I’m a hypocrite and a recluse, I don’t want to see anyone on here turn out like me, I plead with all of you, to enjoy your lives and make the best of it, I don’t want anyone to think badly of me, it’s probably a character flaw in me, that I care too much, I’m naïve, I know, I want to be liked because my only experiences is of being disliked by others, I wish I could stop being annoying and stop upsetting others, I’m glad for all the help people have given me on here, I just don’t know where to go or what to do anymore, should I give up or keep going?, sorry if I’m rambling, I’m just feeling stuck in this hole of depression and loneliness, what should I do?, sorry everyone :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • You keep going, Oli. Never give up. If you need to take a break, go ahead, but just remember that I and so many others here in the community will always be here for you when you need us.
      If you don’t want to take a break, that’s okay, too. Being here doesn’t mean always being the shoulder to lean on. It’s okay to lean on us, too, alright?
      Everything will be okay, Oli, I promise. *hugs*

    • if you ever need someone to talk to Oli you can always message me. also if you need something to distract you from things have you ever thought about playing mmo games (massivly multi-player online games) such as minecraft and other games like that. they are a great distraction and they also have great communities like this one. if you do start to play minecraft i’d suggest a server called super fun time and their ip is play.superfuntime.org and they have a fantastic community who are always there for people and will always give advice on things if you ever need it. i personally play on that server and it is amazing but there are other great servers about just like that.

    • Keep fighting on oli. You have helped so many of us here on blah and that’s a good thing its nit a character flaw or naiivety it just means you are a good person. We love you man. We want to make sure you are good too. If you need to take a break from blah go fir it but just know if you need anything ail you have to do is let us know and we are there for you.