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    Oli posted an update 8 years, 2 months ago

    I’m always going to be sad and depressed no matter how hard I try to fight it, nothing ever works out for me, I’m just a pathetic person, I feel so alone, I’m sorry everyone, I wish I could be happy. :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • Your not pathetic. Your a great person, and if you ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open, feel free to message me anytime.

    • hey dont say that, every time i feel bad your always there for me, and i’ll do the same. i know how you feel, just saying your not pathetic- not even close, your an amazing friend

    • @oli you are an amazing person who helps people whenever you can. Just remember that my inbox is always open and we can talk at any time. I won’t judge you because I know what it’s like to feel this way. I hope you get the time to send me a message so we can talk about everything going in in that mind of yours.

    • Don’t worry about anything. Believe me, there are ups and downs and during the lows and during the lows you’re going to feel dead. I mean you help me out a lot, you give me a smile. Keep your head up high and smile, think that you’re happy because if you do so, it might help.

    • I know how you feel, I’m stuck with bipolar disorder for the rest of my life, the depression never ends. It’s a chemical imbalance in my brain, so any hopes of getting better are gone. I’m sorry for what you’re going through, stay strong!

    • Hey sweetie.
      You are not pathetic, and you don’t ever ever have to apologize for the way you feel. You are allowed to feel however you feel, without consequence, and without apology. You are perfect, and I absolutely believe in you. I know that one day, you will find the strength to be happy, because you absolutely deserve it, alright? So get out there and kick some ass, and do it, because I believe in you, and I am so proud of you for making it this far. <3

    • You are not a pathetic person. by the fact that you gave me advice in my hard times tells me that you are far from being a pathetic person. Don’t apologize for nothing if it’s you being you. If people can not accept that then you are hanging out with the wrong people.

    • hey, you okay? im here if you wanna talk. ill be there for you like you were for me. ^_^

    • your not pathetic, how could you say that? you cheer up a lot of people, the happiness you bring is very important because you help them only if you knew how good of a person you are!

    • You’ll make it through, just as you said I would! Hang in there ok?

    • You’re far from alone Oli. You send out so much joy to those of us who are having a rough time of things! There are few people in this world that are able to separate their own hardships and feel for others. Keep your chin up

    • Dear, don’t be.. :( Even when I understand You very well, and feeling the same right now..

      ”If you den’t get miracle… become one”
      Together, we can :’)

    • I deal with this too sadly :( You just have to do what makes you happy & realize you’re here for a reason & aren’t a pathetic person. You can do wonderful things Oli!!(: Just keep a positive mind & work on making yourself happy before anything else <3 Stay strong

    • Don’t say that! You are an absolutely amazing person, and you have helped me and a lot of other people on here. I know, you feel worthless and hate yourself. I understand, but you are not worthless. You are such a sweet person, and you can always lend a shoulder to cry on. Please don’t hurt yourself, if you were even thinking about it. We all love you like a brother, and families help each other out. Sorry for the rambling, but I just want you happy. Now, keep your head up and remember how much we all love you. :)

    • The only constant is change so remember that no matter what you are feeling that it will pass. Shaddows only surround things that are the brightest …like a candle. Sometimes struggle is a challenge to grow in courage and awareness

    • You are not alone, I will always be here for you.

    • I am here for you, it will be okay, we have each other!

    • whats making you so unhappy?

    • Want to talk abt it?

    • When you replied to my post about being depressed it really made my day and I hope you remember, that because I see all over your account you reply to people’s posts telling them how wonderful they are and that they’re going to be okay. It’s really great that you do this, and I want you to know that even if everyone can’t be happy, you’re making lots of people happy just by being in their online presence. Hang in there, I know times get tough, sometimes often, sometimes VERY often, but you can pull through.

    • No going to say I’m there for you cause I can’t be there always but I can say that some days are better than others and you have to decide if the bad are worth dying for or if the good are worth living for which one seems better? If you think living for the good is better than you’re doing good if you think the bad is too hard then you need help if you want honest advice then I’d like to offer you PM me.

    • Never give up! Always remember that you’re a wonderful person! You see the truth in people, when they don’t see it themselves. You see the beauty in the world even if it seems there is none.
      I’m always here to support you and to talk with you! Plus, there are many other users you can talk with, as well!
      You can be happy, and you will! Believe it! You are not pathetic at all. You are wonderful! ^_^ You really are.

      Just don’t stop treating the depression. Have a walk every minute. At least 20 minutes long. Talk with people, listen to music you like! And from time to time eat something you like! :)
      PM me if you want to talk! I’m always here.

    • awwwwwww love, dont think like that! keep your head up and look at all the good things, even the little things! your amazing and dont forget it

    • I wish I can say the right words, but I can’t. And that sucks because you always seem to know the right things to say to make me smile and be optimistic towards life. You see yourself as pathetic, but in my eyes I see you as a hero. Because the fact that you’re a stranger, yet you still encourage me, a stranger to you, that’s amazing. I want you to know that everytime I smile, you’re one of the reasons for it. For that, I’m forever grateful :’)

    • I know you are hurting but just remember you bring smiles to so many people’s faces and you helped so much and you deserve to be happy and I know that sometimes it’s really hard to do but I believe in you Oli.

      we all want you to be as happy as you make us because you truly do bring joy to the lot of us here at blahtherapy.