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    Oli posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    I’m so alone and depressed in this world, I need to disappear, I am a failure, I have nobody, I don’t fit in anywhere in the world :(

    Mood : Depressed
    • You’re never alone man. You’ve lent out a hand to so many people, and you deserve it back 10 fold. I’m always here to talk to you man. Also, you shouldn’t have to fit in! Stick out! What’s the point of being normal? My inbox is always open, just as yours is. Love you Oli <3

    • This is how I feel most of the time, I just hide it and try to be ’happy’ :(

    • Message me and I can try to help I would love to help you your awesome and need to be happy

    • Cheer up..we all have our moments. Don’t feel depressed..there is always a place for you in this world and you seem to help so many.

    • Oli, I know the feeling of feeling like your nothing and feeling unwanted by the world.. Feeling as if the world would be better without you in it.. But guess what? THATS NOT TRUE! You are am amazing human being and trust me when i say that if you want to do something then you can go out and do it.. You are strong and intelligent! You are only human and guess what? Human are not perfect. Whoever made us clearly made each and every single one of us with flaws. And it doesn’t matter what flaws you think or know you have what matters is how you get over that giant bridge of flaws, fight your way through a battlefield of giant monsters and dust demons and then finally reach the other side. Sure when you reach the other side you won’t be flawless.. But you will be stronger than you ever knew you could be plus you wont need to think about if your good enough anymore because dammit! you just ran through an army of demons! You will know you are good enough! Dont let anyone ever beat you down.. Just push them out of the way and get back up.. Stay strong <3 If you need anything at all im always here to talk. <3 much love <3

    • You’re awesome! You’re most certainly NOT a failure, do you realise how many people you’ve helped, just by lending an ear? You’re an amazing person. It’s so hard to believe when you have a hard day, we all have them and they suck, but you know we’re all here for you, just as you are for us. You rock dude, keep your head up!

    • Dear Oli I really think you are awesome and one of the greatest people online. As I’ve told you, I think you have great personality that most of the people don’t. You are such a beautiful person. It’s okay to feel that way from time to time, just remember there are people who really appreciate your existence. At least I do. Stay strong :)

    • HOLY CRAP! NO!
      Oli you are awesome! The world needs MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU! We are all here for you JUST LIKE YOU WERE FOR US!
      I swear, if you need any help, ear, or anything just drop me a message! :D

    • you’re always there for anyone, so this is the time anyone is there for you, if you feel the need to talk, send me a message, please don’t feel yourself alone, you’re a wonderful person xx (hugs) me

    • Dude, message me if you want to talk.

    • Hey Oil, thank you so much for yourkind words of encouragement. and I know I don’t know much people as kind and accepting and open as you are will always be needed in this world. I don’t know what difficulties your facing right now but as much as your there for people, you deserve to be surrounded by love and kind words as well. Pls feel free to msg me if you wanna talk.

    • Look how many people care for you. You are not alone in this world!

    • you are not a failure…look how many people you talk to and help on here i consider that a major win for everyone involved… you are not alone you maybe feel lonely but youre never alone friends are never far away and there are plenty of people who love to talk to you… you may not fit in anywhere in the world but if people who do fit in are the people that told you this would you really want to be…you were made to stand out, to help people and NOT FIT IN so you can be an example that you dont have to…you are amazing just the way you are when youre not like the rest of the world dont try to fit in but try to show people its ok to stand out and be different

    • No you don’t need to disappear and no you’re not a failure. And you do have people that want to be here to help you and support you, and trust me they’re a lot of people that feel the same way you do. You’re just going through a hard time and trust me, everyone has a different path in life. You may feel like you’re not were you need/or want to be but that’s just not how life goes, maybe there’s something you need to learn right now that doesn’t make sense until later. I’ll be on and off on here all day, message me if you need to talk/vent or whatever you need.

    • I was going to point that out too! Look how many people have come to support and help you.

    • @oliver Society has so many levels there’s a new type of ”standard” every year or probably every day on what to be expected, how to be accepted, who will appreciate you, what type of things will credit you, where you should be in life based on what you wear, how to eat, dress, or I wouldn’t even be surprised if you had to breathe a certain way. That’s what we do. We hear, see, and do what we are told because we think it’s right. We can’t compare ourselves with other people because we’re then allowing ourselves to feel inadequate based on what standard they fit that you lack. You don’t lack in anything. You fit anywhere in the world because we’re all different. Can you figure if we’re all the same, how will we ever fit together? Think of tetris, each object is different. There’s going to be someone else out there that’s compatible with you. If you don’t feel connected with those around you it only means there’s another person out there who will understand you. Where you think you aren’t needed, there’s someone else out there that needs you.

    • Oli, you’re clearly not a failure after all the support you’ve given on here! Maybe you don’t fit in right now, but society is constantly changing and there is always a place for someone, you just haven’t found it yet! Don’t be so harsh on yourself!

    • Also you can message me If you need to talk!

    • and why would you want to fit? let it go, and be urself. for now u r sad, and that is part of u too. get together to ones u love (taking these comments as frame of reference u might hv cool friends around u), and rely on them.

    • oh, remember, if hv to cry, make sure u do it. it helps cleaning the soul.

    • I have been there hun, It will get better…. you don’t need to fit in, you just need to be you and the right supportive people will stay in your life.

    • your amazing no matter what anyone else has to say

    • @Oliver You are not a failure or have nobody. You have helped and encouraged people on this site and in return, there are those (including me) who are willing to help you and be there for you. And you do fit in this world! You take the time to come on this site and encourage people, cheer them up, and offer advice. You are worth it and you are such an inspiration and a very positive caring person to me and to a lot of people on this sight, so don’t think that you’re a failure or a nobody. And I agree with Magnum101, You may feel like you don’t fit in now, but down the road things will start getting better, So hang in there and keep on fighting!

      Also, if you need someone to talk to or to vent to, feel free to send me a message on here. I don’t mind listening. :)

    • See all these people reaching out to you ^ you’ve got them. :)

    • And your kind words to me really touched my heart that a stranger would reach out to me, this makes you a WINNER.

    • @oliver you are so amazing. you made me smile when i read your response. Thank you. like you said to me, keep your head up high. ”If life knocks you down, stand up and say you hit like a b*tch” – Me c: (hugs)

    • Depression is a bitch. And you feel like no one understands. And oyu want to reach out to someone, but you also don’t. I available to talk to. Stay strong.

    • thats not true….you are very special and God created you because he needs you. you made me feel better the other day…so you do fit in. you fit with us here and me, i need your encouragement again so please i will be looking foward to that…..

    • im trying to inbox you but im not getting it right. plz help

    • You will be okay!! <3 Be strong!

    • I have never talked to you, nor did i communicate with you in someway. I was just watching you. I saw how you were helping people and how loyal you were to them. I feel proud when I see that there are still some hearts out there. But I’m wondering……..you manage to say the right words to the right person almost every time…..thus…..I’m wondering how you can say that you are failure, when you are the right opposite. Look at how many people came to you and tried to make you think of yourself otherwise! I know that even the strongest people sometimes fall back, but how can you think that low of yourself when you see the right opposite? I don’t believe you’re a failure, and I am sure I’m not the only one. :)