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    Where in the world,
    In this miserable world,
    Is a respite for me?
    From an age that they keep,
    Ever tawdry and cheap,
    Will I ever break free?
    Free from the world out there?
    How they all gladly destroy such beauty;
    Heartlessly how they abuse such charm!
    Oh, they must feel they are safe from vengeance;
    Soul as weak as mine could do no harm…
    There in the world,
    I will go in the world,
    And I’ll seek out the one;
    Who would stamp on a flow’r,
    With unspeakable pow’r,
    And, before I am done this day!
    Those in the world who would kill what is fine;
    Them, I will seek, and, by all that’s divine,
    I will make them pay!

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