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    Trevor posted an update in the group Group logoI feel so alone. 6 years, 11 months ago

    TL;DR -I set up a few different servers for us all to talk in real time. I think this will make this site much better if we have something on the site where we can just run to and unload our issues, anxieties, anger and sadness on. Scroll to the very bottom to see the three links.

    I’ve created and managed 3 different Discord servers, for myself and other people, in the past. Mostly ”gamer” themed or based around a streamer on twitch.tv, but that always left me feeling a bit empty in the end.

    So now I want to create a place you can break down crying and actually be comforted instead of ridiculed and mocked (like I was a month ago)… a place where you won’t be judged no matter how much of a ”freak” you think you are, where you can embarrass yourself and it won’t be used against you over and over again.

    Somewhere you can build up trust with like minded people and do normal ”friend stuff” …or just to be there as your ”in case of emergency” place to retreat to. Like a virtual ”safe room” to get away from the world for 20 minutes, a few hours, or even a whole day.

    I don’t want to write a small book like I did in the groups ”night owls” and ”depression”, so if you want more info you can check in there or just look at my last profile post for a lengthy explanation. But basically I got tired of being alone and not being able to talk to people ”in the moment” or have live conversations.

    So using this site as the foundation, I created a few servers for us all. Just a place to go when you want to talk about anything, so there’s literally no reason for you to feel alone anymore. :P

    Literally any of you are welcome, so long as you have good intentions! I even setup a separate room to unload negativity, sadness, anger and just vent it all out. It’s not about pretending to be happy or put on a mask, it’s supposed to be the one place in life where we don’t have to wear a mask. If I’m awake, then I’ll have Discord/Band/Rabbit open in the background, so just say hi and it’ll make a noise to let me know. Unless I’m asleep, I am willing to listen to you literally any time, day or night, about anything. Because I believe that everyone deserves to ”bitch and moan” from time to time and ”selfishly” throw a ”pity party”. But people punish you heavily for that socially speaking, because it’s literally the exact opposite of anything that would feed into their own narcissism and inflate their ego.

    But I enjoy helping people, like many, if not a majority of people on this site. It’s literally one of one 1-3 things in the entire world that give me any sense of happiness, so you aren’t wasting my time or boring me with your problems. If anything I feel like it’s practically an equal trade.

    Band requires approval, otherwise we would be flooded with trolls hellbent on causing as much damage as they can for the lulz. I am usually at my PC all day though…so it should hopefully only take between 5 minutes to an hour at the most for me to approve you. Discord requires no approval at all, you can click the link, fill in your chat name and be talking to us in under a minute from now. :)

    Unless I’m asleep, but I’m looking for mods to remedy that situation. As the Discord and Band grow, we will eventually have people in there 24/7, including at least 1 mod at any given time. Mods in Discord can hand out keys to private rooms if you want to talk to someone, in text or voice and in Band they can approve new people.

    There are even special side rooms to vent, a place to just dump all of your anger and negativity and sadness… we all need to let it out from time to time. Break down in a safe setting so that we can rebuild ourselves stronger than when we started. I’m open to any and all suggestions and ideas, just let me know.

    Also, feel free to check out the rabb.it link and don’t mind me in there, I have it tabbed and minimized throughout the day just in case someone goes in there and wants to message me, it’ll make a noise to alert me. You don’t have to say hi even, just look around like a couple other people already have. If you want to browse through my netflix just say hi and I’ll give you the ”remote” which lets you control the screen, then you can watch whatever you want. I figure maybe not everyone has Netflix…or maybe doesn’t want to watch it alone, so that;s mainly why I leave that offer on the table for whoever needs it. I personally find that whenever I’m in a terrible mood, just… escaping for a couple hours calms me down and after a movie or couple episodes of a show, I don’t even know why I was so upset in the first place. So yeah, I’m always here to talk…hang out… or just toss you the remote. ;) Annnnd I wrote a book… again. Sorry!

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0nHDzYunpyXl9Kaw

    Band Link: http://band.us/#!/band/59822421

    Rabb.it Link: https://rabb.it/Nightwake

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