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    Trevor posted an update in the group Group logoDepression 6 years, 7 months ago

    This site is great, but since I’ve come back to it recently… it’s felt dead in here… empty. This place is amazing, the ”venting/listening chat” feature is incredibly useful. But instead of having to explain your life situation every single time you want to vent, what if you could talk to the same person? I setup a couple of things for us to help with depression.

    Band: is like this site, but it’s based on a group. You can post things on there and share things from useful resources you come across, funny stuff, pictures of stuff you saw on your daily walk, etc. I another Band group I’m in, every morning, people share pictures of what their having for breakfast..kind of like a fun show n’ tell…

    There’s also an element of playful competition. Can you whip up a breakfast that’ll make everyone jealous? Always motivates me to cook a ”real” breakfast, instead of being ”lazy” and just having cereal. Also has a chat room that is great for a laid back, passive style ”on and off” chatting throughout the day, people just come and go. You can also use this from your phone.

    Discord: is a chat server that you can use on your phone, web browser, or desktop PC/Mac program (a must). Not only can you join as many servers as you want, based on interests… this service lets you talk to people and make new friends, find mentors, etc. It has multiple chat rooms with different themes, also has voice channels, which are also themed.

    This allows you to always have people to talk to 24/7 once we get a decent handful of people in there. If we get a mix of say, North Americans and Europeans… the daytime hours overlap and end up covering every hour of the day. It’s hard to explain and I’m babbling, so just check it out for yourself.

    Rabb.it: I want to use this for us to have a ”movie night” once a week and/or maybe a movie marathon for special occasions once a month or just whenever occasions arise. This allows up to 15 to text chat, voice chat and even webcam video chat. Best of all, we can all share watching youtube videos, I can share my Netflix account by streaming movies to everyone else, someone else with a Hulu account can share that, and so on. Anyway, join if you want… let me know if this is something your excited about… or just a ridiculous idea.

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0nHDzYunpyXl9Kaw

    Band Link: http://band.us/#!/band/59822421

    Rabb.it Link: https://rabb.it/Nightwake

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