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my name is kasey. you can call me k, queen, or pretty much any other nickname you can come up with. i enjoy writing, drawing, and playing maplestory, skyrim and mabinogi, and looking back at things i've done two or three years ago and cringing inside.
i'm misophonic, gray-bisexual and aromantic(?). feel free to shoot me a message if you want information on my mental illness or help understanding an LGBT term. i'm pretty knowledgeable in both fields and am happy to explain.
i like twenty one pilots, darlingside, fall out boy and panic at the disco. i'm turning my focus to art next year in school. i'm fifteen and i live on the east coast of north america. currently i'm learning to speak russian and sign language, but am only fluent in english, which is my native language.



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Mental Disorders, Sexuality

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