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    kasey posted an update 2 years, 12 months ago

    i feel so powerless. i want to help her, but she’s on the west coast and i’m on the east…i want to be there for her, to hold her when she’s sad and let her cry on my shoulder. it’s times like these, when she can’t place what’s wrong and just feels pained, and i can’t figure out what to say to ease it, that i wish i could just be there. it’s times like this that the two thousand miles between us becomes apparent again, when voice calls and tender messages only serve to remind us that i can’t place a hand on her shoulder or kiss the bite marks on her arms. i can’t be there for her, not really, when she really needs me, and i just feel so inert because of it. i want to help her so badly. i love her.

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    • been in a similar situation before too, there’s only so much you can do without physical contact :/

    • Do your best to be there for her as much as you possibly can @neokasey82, try to stay in touch through text or online, hopefully one day you will be able to meet in person where I’m sure you will hug and comfort her in a special way, keep being the compassionate and sweet friend that you are Kasey, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)