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    kasey posted an update 3 years ago

    misophonia has been bad lately
    i feel like screaming at my family and punching things
    and my reactions (which are nonverbal and nonphysical, and mostly are facial expressions and body language) are making my parents uncomfortable
    part of me knows how i react is unfair to them, but part of me also says, ”fuck that. if they don’t want me to react that way, they can stop taking me out to dinner or stop chewing that way.”
    i’m just so tired and so angry. i want to scream.

    • Oli replied 3 years ago

      Try to relax and find ways to calm yourself @neokasey82, maybe talking to a counsellor will help, let your family know that some things make you uncomfortable and you want to put your mind at ease, hope things work out for you Kasey, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, message me anytime, my inbox is always open, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @oliver i appreciate your advice, though i guess i should give more context for what’s going on.
      i’ve come and talked to them about misophonia many times and though they understand they don’t seem to be able to change their habits. my dad knows i hate the sound he makes when he sucks on popsicles, but it’s the first thing he buys at the store and he doesn’t change how he eats them. my parents both know my dog barking in the yard drives me up the wall, but when someone’s playing with the dog and that’s why he’s barking, they’ll say that to justify it as if it changes the fact that he’s barking. it’s so hard when they know about it, and you’ve said something about it, and still nothing seems to change.
      i’d also love to see a counselor, but it costs too much, and i’d feel nuts going to a therapist or something about it (which is ironic), beside the fact that since i’m underage i’d have to ask my parents to take me to a counselor. it’s not that i think i’d get backlash — it’s just the idea of asking them to go to a counselor fills me with anxiety.
      the only things right now that i know of that always calm me is listening to music and getting away from the sound. that much can be come really impossible when i’m in a restaurant. i mean, what am i gonna do? go to the bathroom everytime someone talks with their mouth full or bites into a piece of crunchy pizza crust? it becomes difficult, especially knowing that it’s really hard for them to change their habits (which i entirely understand), and when wearing headphones to a restaurant is just bad manners and it makes you look weird.
      thank you though. i really appreciate it.