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    kasey posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    look i get that you might not want to be vented to about certain things in the chat but just closing out of the chat is kind of rude and it really invalidates the person talking
    at least say ”sorry, i’m not sure i can help you” before leaving. because honestly it feels like you just don’t care and i know you must if you’ve signed in as a listener but like. seriously, my dude.

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    • Try to continue helping as many people as you can @neokasey82, hopefully you will have more positive experiences here on Blah Kasey :) (hugs)

    • people don’t have an obligation to listen to you if they aren’t comfortable with or don’t think they can help, yes they agreed to sign on as a listener but the point you’re trying to make isn’t the fairest either x:

    • i’m not saying you have to help everyone you meet in the chatrooms. i’m just saying it’d probably be better to just say, ”hey, i don’t think i can help you” before you go. otherwise, it just feels really shitty as the venter to just have the chat suddenly end.
      i totally understand not feeling comfortable with something a person is talking about and i’m not saying you have to be comfortable with everything. i’m just saying to let someone know that before you go.