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    Neo626 posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    That moment you realize how insignificant you are due to the fact that you can only wish and only say someday, which you aren’t even sure will or will not come. That moment you realize you’re just the comforting voice in someones subconcious. and nothing else. you have no substance, you’re literally all talk.

    Mood : Depressed
    • Please don’t let sadness get you down @neo33, you are such a wonderful and amazing individual who deserves to feel happy, comfortable and on top of the world, do make all your wishes, dreams and goals come true, fabulous things will happen to you in the future, hold your head up high and don’t let anything stand in your way, you will beat all your struggles and come out so much stronger, show everyone how truly brilliant you are, you can do it, believe in yourself and keep going forward with confidence, remember to always be kind to yourself, there is always hope, message me anytime if you want to chat, my inbox is always open, you will never be alone :) (hugs)