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    Miasebs posted an update in the group Group logoGirl Talk 3 years ago

    Hey, I was a little overweight. And I had irregular periods cause of that!
    I usually get my period once in 2-3 months, so I never cared about it until I realized I was pregnant that too on my 14th week.
    God’s grace both my baby (still inside) and I are fine.
    I was getting ready for a porcelain veneer treatment, https://www.dentistoakville.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/ (If that matters) at that time. And I had my veneer done on the 8th week of pregnancy. Ever since I had the veneer, my gums got swollen and began to bleed extremely. I got scared and wondered about why this happened, as I always had good oral hygiene. Also, I never had even a cavity on any of my teeth ever before! Fortunately, my dentist was proficient and he sent me to a medical doctor as he doubted I’m pregnant!
    I got medicated and got rid of the infection! Now I’m up to redo the veneer! But I’m afraid about, restoring the same issues! My doc has asked me to wait till the baby comes out to redo it! But I feel like finishing up this dental work at the earliest, preferably before our baby comes in!
    I know, my dentist will do this if I push him more. But before that, I’d like to ask you ladies who had dental works during your pregnancy!
    In anticipation of a reply!
    Many thanks.

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