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    Mewt posted an update 9 years ago

    Went to vent for the first time in a while. It started out well, the listener was trying to help. Till I said I’m chinese and all this racist shit he said… wauw.

    Good luck living life mate. Seems like you need it.


    Mood : Surprised
    • Mewt replied 9 years ago

      Yea it didn’t bother me much, but was really surprised that he went from helping me to being racist. Site is to help but feels like he is adding problems to people. I also met some nice people here :)

    • Oh yea, these people… Just like everytime they know I am Arab, they are like ”When are you joining ISIS?” like what the hell is their problem?

    • Mewt replied 9 years ago

      @yazan, I know right. Those people got some serious problems if they respond like that. It always seems like they want to intimidate me by saying this kind of stuff. sigh… some people.

    • Oli replied 9 years ago

      Don’t let mean people on the chat get to you @mewt, always remember there are kinder, more understanding and compassionate people out there :) (hugs)